After Distance Learning

Updated: May 19, 2020

Distance Learning will end one day. What do you want to be able to say when it's all over?

Last week we ended by talking about setting goals. This helps you create order for your days and decide what works for your unique family. A great way to help you decide your day-to-day goals is to think about what you would like to be able to say about this time when it's all over.

Your list may look different from mine, but here are some ideas to get you started.

When my kids go back to school and things return to "normal", I want to say that...

1) We grew closer to each other.

It may sound simple, but this is a golden opportunity for us to really connect with our people. As much as they drive us crazy, we can come out of this closer to the people we love.

2) We grew closer to the Lord.

Every family has core things that are important to them. For us, faith is one of those foundational things. This time at home is giving us a chance to build on our faith and the things that are central to our family.

3) I helped my child master a concept he/she was previously struggling with.

You have a rare opportunity to zoom in on an area of struggle for your child and help them get over the hump so they'll be more successful when they return to school. It's okay to push other things aside to give more attention where needed.

  • Need help mastering math facts? Check out Mathantics or Math-U-See for helpful resources and activities. There are also several math game apps that can be used on tablets and smart phones. Math games such as Rummikub, Farkle, and even Battleship are great to play with your kids. (Public school teachers employ these in the classroom, too, TRUST ME.)  If YOU are struggling to figure out how the teacher wants your child to solve their math problems, now is a great time to discuss with your child how you would do it and give them an alternate way to solve the problem. This might help them figure out how to explain to you how they learned it. (Now THAT is number-bonding with your child!)

  • Need to work on printing or handwriting skills? Things like copywork, writing lette